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        An uncommonly exciting evening in J170327

04 December 2010 Civ Zomas
An uncommonly exciting evening in J170327
Capital Construction Research of Pioneer Alliance tried to kill us all during our second combat site of the evening.

The intruders are wormhole veterans based somewhere in W space. Their covops scanned our anomalies and watched us until we had committed the Tengu and Nightmare gang plus two Chimera carriers to a combat site.

As we were finishing the second escalation, our 10-man fleet was engaged by around 20 - including a gank fitted blaster Moros, two faction fitted Baalghorns, eight strategic cruisers, two Guardians, an Onyx and a Scorpion. The enemy fleet seemed well composed for killing ours, and moved with the confidence and precision of a well-practiced team.

Obviously, we should all have died. Instead, this happened:


We were already prepared to warp the dreads in for the escalations. Since we couldn't beat or kill the enemy logistics, Blade called to warp both dreads in for a kill-or-cure dose of extra damage from the escalations.

It worked.

After one of the most enjoyable fights I've yet had in Eve, we (and the Sleepers) held the field while our assailants left bloodied to the tune of several billion isk. Of course, the relief when they retreated and we finished their dreadnought was short lived with all those Sleepless Guardians still on the field and our fleet seriously reduced - but that's another matter.

CCRES waited until we killed enough Sleepers for their comfort, then returned with another gang - forcing us to leave while they looted the field. This was undoubtedly an economic win for them, but we did remarkably well to do so much damage to a vastly superior force. More importantly, enough of the fleet escaped that we can recover these losses.

All told, though, we did great and have much to be proud of. No bitching, no cowardice, no regrets. Both sides got an exhilarating surprise and a good fight. No, a great fight.